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Kick a Coach to Cambodia

Hi PCSC Players, Parents and Coaches


For those of you I have not met, my name is Kevin Seward and I’m a member of the PCSC Committee. My principle role on the Committee is to manage the clubs relationships with current sponsors and bring in new sponsorship opportunities.


In one of my recent meetings with Brett from Grill’d he asked if the PCSC would like to get involved in supporting an initiative that Grill’d, and he in particular, is very passionate about.


In short, there is an orphanage (N.H.C.C.) that is located 33km outside of Phnom Penh that houses 220 children with HIV / Aids, that are orphans or have been abandoned by their families. Needless to say outside support and funding is critical to support the short and long term needs of the children, from putting food on the table to purchasing the antiretroviral drugs required to stabilise their medical condition.


So what has this got to do with Grill’d?

Brett (runs and owns Grill’d Point Cook & Pacific Werribee) sends over a delegation of his Grill’d employees each year to raise funds for, and work on projects at the orphanage, for a week at a time. The next Grill’d visit is in September 2016.


So what has this got to with PCSC?

I’m not sure how to answer this, it really depends on your point of view. My point of view is we are a Community Club, that supports the local Point Cook community, however, this is an opportunity for us to make an impact with a community who are ostracised, rejected, neglected by their families and Government. Plus it’s an opportunity to show our young playing members what “Community” really is. Lastly, Grill’d is a highly valued partner of ours, who provide us terrific support, I believe we, the Point Cook Soccer Club are in a position to support Grill’d in giving back.


I have spoken to the Committee who have 100% endorsed this initiative. So what can we do?

There are two things that I’m proposing:

  1. I’ll be organising, with the help of Grill’d, a kit drive to collect old PCSC kit (shirts and shorts) plus boots etc, to donate to the kids at the orphanage.

  2. We want to send one or two coaches from our club, along with the next Grill’d delegation to Cambodia in September 2016. The coaches will be involved in helping out around the orphanage with any projects that need doing. Also our coaches will run Football Training sessions for the kids living at the orphanage, giving them the chance to learn more about football & to have some fun.


What I’m asking from you, our membership, is to contribute to our kit drive, what I’m looking for is:

  • Last season’s PCSC playing strip (shirts and shorts)

  • Boots and shin pads that your kids have outgrown·

  • Any other playing top in good condition


The kit drive will start Saturday, 4th June at Saltwater Reserve, we will have Wheelie Bins available at the Clubrooms to place your donated equipment in.


With regards to the coaching delegation, the club will be running some fundraising activities with the help of our amazing Fund Raising team, I’ll keep you posted on what they are, and when they will be held.


Regards Kev (0429) 553079


About N.H.C.C.

Meet Chhouy

Watch the Grill'd Teams experience from their 2015 trip to Cambodia, hear their thoughts & feelings about the trip & what the experience has meant for them..

Can you help us meet our goal?

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